What Are The First Signs Of A Brain Tumour To Look For?

headache - metastatic brain tumour

Getting a brain tumour diagnosis is something nobody wants to go through, which is why it is essential anyone who suspects something is wrong with them seeks medical advice as soon as possible. 

However, in order to know what symptoms are suspicious, you need to have a good idea about the first signs of a brain tumour. Here are a few you should be on the lookout for. 



Anyone can suffer from headaches and it doesn’t mean you have a metastatic brain tumour, but if these become more frequent, worsen with activity, wake you up at night, make you feel sick, or start to feel severe, they should be checked out. 



Seizures often affect your entire body, but can also just be twitching of the hands, so pay attention to any involuntary movement. They occur in 80 per cent of people with brain tumours, so if you begin to have them, see a doctor immediately. 


Personality changes

If you notice your behaviour has changed, or other people have mentioned that your personality is different, this can be difficult to digest. However, it is imperative you don’t ignore it, as it could be a sign of a brain tumour, especially together with confusion or memory loss. 


Problems with vision

Whether you have always had perfect vision or you wear glasses, you might suddenly find your vision deteriorating or you may experience periods of poor eyesight. Any signs of blurred or tunnel vision, or floating shapes, should be checked out.


Nausea or vomiting

There could be a lot of causes of nausea or vomiting, but if this is coupled with any of the other symptoms, it could be an indication of a tumour. 


Drowsiness, fatigue, or mobility problems

Some people feel drowsy, overwhelmed with fatigue, have a weakness in their body, or struggle with their memory and concentration. These are all early warning signs of a brain tumour, so if it concerns you, seek medical help as soon as possible.