Open Evening Event at Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre, London

We were honored to have Mr. Stephane Carré, CEO of the Amethyst Group, extend a warm welcome to all our esteemed guests who gathered to mark the beginning of an exciting journey in gamma knife radiotherapy treatments.

Mr. Carré highlighted the significance of this new centre and its commitment to providing cutting-edge radiotherapy solutions.

Mr. Neil Kitchen, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Medical Director at the Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre, shared insights into the current and future plans and proposals for these state-of-the-art premises. His presentation shed light on the remarkable advancements in radiotherapy technology that will benefit patients in the region.

The opening event saw a fantastic turnout, with numerous attendees coming together to explore the facility and engage in discussions about the innovative treatments and services that will be available here. It was a platform for networking and collaboration, fostering connections within the medical community.