Influential Poet Benjamin Zephaniah Dies Of Brain Tumour

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Tributes have poured in for the prominent writer, performer and poet Benjamin Zephaniah, who died in December at the age of 65, just two months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. Zephaniah was born in Birmingham in 1958, where he began his career as a performance poet during his teenage years.

He moved to London in his early twenties, where he developed his trademark ‘dub poetry’ style. His work tackled issues such as racism and class politics, and it often responded to current or historical events. His style was influenced by Jamaican culture and he went on to record with the Wailers after the death of Bob Marley.

A post on his Instagram page stated: “Benjamin’s wife was by his side throughout and was with him when he passed. We shared him with the world and we know many will be shocked and saddened by this news.”

“Benjamin was a true pioneer and innovator, he gave the world so much. Through an amazing career including a huge body of poems, literature, music, television and radio, Benjamin leaves us with a joyful and fantastic legacy”.

About 16,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with a brain tumour each year. Sometimes, the warning signs can go unnoticed, or be wrongly attributed to other causes by doctors or the patients themselves. However, early diagnosis brings the best chance of successful treatment.

The most common signs of a brain tumour include memory loss, vision problems, fatigue, seizures, communication difficulties, and changes in personality. Anyone with any concerns about themselves or a loved one is advised to contact a medical professional straight away.

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