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Mr Pedro Oliveira Castanho

Experienced Consultant Neurosurgeon based in London with specialist expertise in the diagnosis, management and treatment of neurovascular conditions, skull base conditions, and brain tumours.

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Mr Pedro Oliveira Castanho is a highly regarded consultant neurosurgeon based in London with specialist expertise in the diagnosis, management and treatment of neurovascular conditions (neurovascular malformation), skull base conditions, and brain tumours. With over 20 years of experience, he is also highly proficient in degenerative spine and peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes and tumours, as well as in performing bypass surgery and pituitary surgery.

Mr Oliveira Castanho, who consults privately at the renowned Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre, earned his medical degree from the University of Coimbra in 2002. He undertook his higher specialist training at the distinguished Central Lisbon University and Hospital Centre and later went on to accomplish state-of-the-art training across the different domains of neurosurgery at the most reputed centres in the UK, USA, Germany, Finland, and Brazil.

As an expert in Leksell Gamma Knife radiosurgery, Mr Oliveira Castanho is also particularly trained in minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery to manage lesions in the brain, using advanced precision techniques to preserve healthy tissue. Worldwide, Mr Oliveira Castanho is one of the few pioneers in the use of exoscopic surgery, a new technique employed in lateral skull-base surgery that combines endoscopic and microscopic approaches.

Beyond his accomplished clinical practice, Mr Oliveira Castanho remains actively involved in advancing the field of neurosurgery. He regularly offers courses on the management of cervicobrachialgia, spondylotic myelopathy and posterior fossa tumours, and as a prominent figure in his specialty, he has also acted as a co-ordinator for a number of high-impact peer-reviewed publications. Furthermore, Mr Oliveira Castanho holds an honorary senior clinical lecturer position at University College London, where he provides both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Areas of expertise: Acoustic neuroma, Vascular malformations, Gamma knife treatment, Brain tumours, Pituitary tumours, Meningioma

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